The title is the best I could coerce from Google translate about how Deep Learning would translate from Latin. Another way to look at it is how the ancient Roman empire would have called this new industrial paradigm, assuming they have managed to figure it out early on.


And by the way Google translate have been undergoing significant upgrades once they started seeing significant success with deep learning for more natural language translation. Although I think Latin remains in the to do list…probably.


Okay, so what is Deep Learning all about. In a nutshell, is a paradigm shift in digital technologies in which computers will start to get trained on a task, instead of being programmed to perform the same given task. Instead of spending resources in carefully giving the computer a set of rules to follow, the machines will now be trained with data and simulations, to learn how to achieve a desired goal.


There has been amazing success in the areas of computer vision classification. Given a random image, a deep learning algorithm can determine what is the major subject matter within that image ( look!…it’s a squirrel! ). The first such implementation was AlexNet which day view in 2012 Imagenet competition, and ever since the world took notice and advances in deep learning have become practically exponential. One of the most notable improvements have been the Go playing program AlphaGo, which in its latest incarnation (AlphaGo Zero) went from no knowledge of the game (except the rules), to match the original AlphaGo performance in 3 days of training, and surpass all human masters after 21 days. The original AlphaGo was the first computer program to ever beat a human grand master.


Deep Learning has been proven very valuable in pretty much all complex tasks it has been tried so far (self-driving cars, language understanding and translation, image medical diagnostics, robotics). It is becoming clear that the time has come to start developing the infrastructure necessary to train machines to expertly perform tasks normally associated with people skills. In the same way the industrial revolution improved the muscle power of human kind, we can feel confident deep learning successes will improve the intelligence power of humanity in new amazing ways, and very soon. Are you ready to ride this wave?